Invercargill NZPC Site Page

The next NZ Programming Contest is Saturday August 17th, 2024

Local site information at James Hargest College

Venue: James Hargest Senior Campus

Block C in Room 1
Addess: 288 Layard Street, Hargest


Other languages can possibly be supplied if requested sufficiently in advance.


We will use the DOMjudge automated judge system for running the contest.


12:30pm Registration and briefing
Welcome Video (can be watched at any time; recommended for newcomers).
12:45pm - 1:45pm Practice session---to get used to the equipment and the method of result submission
1:45pm - 1:55pm Everyone thrown out of the lab so we can get it cleared for the contest
2pm - 7pm Room C1, James Hargest College
7:30pm The country wide provisional results should be available.


If you're competing at the Invercargill site, please contact Sarah Greeff (email below). We need this information for catering and problem-set-printing purposes.

For more information

Contact Sarah Greeff, James Hargest College.