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ProjectSpace is a cloud based web development environment designed especially for teachers and their students. The goal of this system is to take the hassle out of setting up a web and database server in a computer lab or on learner devices. This is so teachers can spend more time teaching the digital technology curriculum without having to wrestle with tricky server configurations. Teachers can easily set up accounts for their learners and have full access to their learners' work for the tasks of assisting, marking and moderation.


The system offers the following benefits for all account types:

The system has the following additional benefits for teachers

2024 Pricing

There are three main tiers. All of the functionality are on each. However, more resources are allocated for the extended plan. If neither of these tiers are suitable, please get in touch to negotiate something more appropriate for your school.

$100 p/a$150 p/a$200 p/a
up to 100 accountsUp to 150 accountsup to 200 accounts
up to 6 databasesup to 6 databasesup to 12 databases
10 MB per user *10 MB per user *10 MB per user *

* Storage quotas are not enforced by the system. Some accounts will use more than their quota and others will only use a fraction. For example, a school with 100 accounts should not use more than 1 gigabyte (100 * 10mb). If this is not enough, your school will need to upgrade to a pricing tier that allocates more resources.


If you are already using ProjectSpace, you will not need to re-register. But please get in touch at to let me know which pricing tier you require this year.

Schools who are not currently using ProjectSpace can register here. Please register with your school email address. You may evaluate the system at no cost. Your school will be invoiced at a later time if the system is being actively used.